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Terms & Conditions


These are the conditions of hire of Marcus Lewis Coaches (hereinafter called the company). They form the basis of the contract under which the company agrees to hire its vehicles to the customer (hereinafter call 'the hirer').

Breakdown and Delays

The company gives its advice on journey time in good faith. However, as a result of breakdown or traffic congestion or other events beyond the reasonable control of the company, journeys may take longer than predicted and in those circumstances the company will not be liable for any loss or inconvenience suffered by the hirer as a result.


Loss or Damage to Personal Property

The company will not be responsible for any damage to, or loss of, personal property left in vehicles, howsoever caused.


Liability for Injury

The company will not accept any liability for damage, injury or loss by any passenger standing up or walking around the vehicle whilst in motion.


Supplying Coaches with Additional Seating Capacity

The company reserves the right to supply a larger coach than that ordered for any journey and in this event no additional charge shall be made to the hirer unless the additional seating capacity is utilised.


The Use of Other Operators Vehicles

The company reserves the right to substitute other operators' vehicles in place of its own for any journey or part thereof.


Payment Terms

A deposit of 20% of the hire charge, is payable at the time of booking. The balance of the hire charge is payable no later than 14 days prior to the date of hire, unless other payment terms are imposed as stated overleaf. (The company reserves the right to decline to execute any work when the foregoing condition has not been adhered to, in which case the deposit becomes forfeitable by the hirer to the company.)


Passenger Capacity and Seat Belts

No passenger may be carried in excess of the seating capacity of the vehicle and passengers should wear the seat belts provided at all times.


Drivers Hours Regulations

The hirer undertakes to abide by all statutory requirements and regulations which may in any way affect the journey or itinerary in question. Drivers are familiar with these regulations however they will conform to any reasonable request made by members of the party.


Damage to Company Vehicles

The company's private hire vehicles are constructed and adapted to transport seated passengers only and standing on seats or use of roofs for viewing races, etc is not permitted. The actual hirer will be responsible for, and shall indemnify the company against any damage caused to the vehicle(s) as a result of negligence, wilful or otherwise, and/or malice due to the action of all or any member(s) of the party.


Cancellation by The Hirer

The company reserves the right to charge a cancellation fee.


Consumption of Alcohol

Consumption and or carrying of alcohol in the passenger compartment of company vehicles is strictly forbidden.


Returnable Additional Deposits

The company reserves the right to insist upon a returnable additional deposit being provided by the hirer in addition to the hire charge. This deposit will be returned to the hirer following completion of the hire provided that no additional expenses were incurred by the company which were a direct result of the hirers, or his passengers actions.


Additional Charges

The company reserve the right to impose additional charges on the hirer following completion of the hire if the passengers have left the vehicle in an unreasonably untidy condition or having required additional time or mileage which was not included for in the originally booking.


No Smoking Policy

Hirer should note that this company operates a strictly no smoking policy on all coaches. Would hirers please bring this condition to the attention of all passengers intending to travel on the coach.


Airport or Ferry transfers

On collection passengers from airports, ferry ports, etc the coach will wait for one hour after the prearranged collection time free of charge. After that additional waiting time will be charged at the discretion of the company.



In the event of a complaint arising the hirer should aim to resolve this at the time by speaking to the driver or another member of Marcus Lewis Staff. If this does not provide a solution complaints should be made in writing no later than 14 days of the termination of the hire. We will then acknowledge your complaint within 14 days and we will issue a full reply within 21 days. Your complaint should be addressed to Marcus Lewis Coaches 16 Kingsbury Rd, Coventry, CV6 1PU.

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