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Duty of Care to Passengers


Home to school travel. All drivers will have a current DBS check prior to driving a school service

Prior to service

  • Drivers must carry out daily checks to make sure the vehicle is fit for service.

  • Drivers must be familiar with their route and timetable. Any issues with the timetable should be reported immediately.

  • Drivers must display the service name/number.

Service Operation

  • If your service is running late, contact the school so they can inform pupils or parents.

  • Drivers must check bus passes as pupils board the bus.

  • Drivers should use their discretion when dealing with pupils who claim they have lost their bus pass.

  • Pupils must never be refused travel but should be reported to the school transport office.

  • Drivers should approach bus stops with care.

  • Ensure that the doors are closed before setting off.

  • Drivers must not allow the vehicle to be loaded above the capacity of the vehicle.

  • Drivers must allow pupils to find a seat before setting off.

  • Drivers must not smoke or allow smoking by pupils - this applies to both cigarettes and e­cigarettes.

  • Drivers should maintain a professional and detached relationship with passengers and must avoid any physical contact and involvement in inappropriate topics of conversation.

  • Observe the Highway Code, drive in a courteous manner and adhere to speed limits.

  • Drivers should not let themselves be provoked by poor behaviour. Always report any behaviour problems to the school.

  • Pupils should be encouraged to sit down during the journey and to wear seat belts if they are available.

Dealing with misbehaviour

If there is a problem with behaviour drivers will normally to speak to the pupil(s) about it. If the problem persists, details should be reported to the operator's office who will inform the school. If the passenger continues to misbehave on the bus, the school and operator may agree to remove them from the service.

Damage or vandalism to the bus
Parents or guardians of any pupil who damages or vandalises the bus will be liable for any costs incurred by the bus company.

In emergencies

  • In the event of a breakdown, drivers must warn other traffic by using the hazard warning lights.

  • Drivers must contact the depot to arrange an alternative vehicle.

  • Drivers must instruct pupils to wait on the bus for the replacement vehicle to arrive. If drivers are in any doubt, they should seek advice from the operator.

  • Drivers should remain with the vehicle and passengers.

  • Breakdowns or accidents must be reported to the school and operator's office as soon as possible -drivers should have access to the telephone numbers.

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